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BV was my first major production, and for the longest time my "baby." Recorded in July 1989; Mike Weaver lent me his equipment for a month, I took as much leave as I could afford, and voilà! One 38-minute-long, two-track instrumental. The only work the copyright of which I've ever bothered to register with the Library of Congress.

Those are my then-new drums and my Yahama VSS-30. The rest were Mike Weaver's goodies.

The bass lines make me cringe; recorded before Claypool opened my eyes, I plucked (picked) all the bass parts.

Some kind of message will go here. Wait... you're not supposed to see this yet.

The first time ever I saw your face.

Project K    (1991)

If you find trip hop even remotely interesting, and can bear the < $250 budget quality (not an exagg), this one's for you.

Having returned to the States from Panama, but not yet having most of my equipment (still in transit), I bought a Casio SK-5, and with my trusty Yamaha VSS-30 recorded dozens of ideas into a JVC boom box.

Always fond of this project, I never thought of it as more than a bank of unusually creative ideas for future stuff.  However, the more I get into Amon Tobin, Four Tet and the like, the more I realize many of these recordings were prescient trip-hop.

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Made in March 1991, this obscure album preceded the pioneering work of DJ Shadow by two and a half years.  But be warned: it's not exactly hi-fi.

Project K.

Penis Envy Man    (2007)


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(PENIS ENVY MAN, 2007)  Goofilan .


My brother, Casey, is a phenomenal guitarist, and one night in '98 he and I (on bass) improvised several songs into my trusty 488. After burning through two 90 minute tapes (22.5 minutes each on the Tascam), we switched instruments and nearly filled up a third. We'd not yet recorded anything together, and for some reason we decided to call ourselves Huh.
We covered Pink Floyd's "One of These Days," and Crystal Ball was a song Casey had previously written on guitar (I made up that nifty bassline on the spot). Everything else was improvised (on guitar & bass). OH… and when the guitar work takes a noticeable dive toward cheeseville, yeah…. that's me.

(HUH, 1998) My brother Casey

Casey Flynn

Cable Crossing    (December 1989 - January 1990)

Nom de Plume

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(CABLE CROSSING - 1989, 1990) Squiggly


Mohawk    (July 1998)

Dan and I shred

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(MOHAWK, 1998) My brother, Dan, and I

The second time Dan and I

Panama    (1990)


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(PANAMA, 1990) Dan Holmes and his digital get up.

As far back as 1990 you could go digital without being rich

Orphans    (2007)


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(ORPHANS, 2007) Includes such greats as Chaff and Sunrise.

The first time I put together a cogent, multi-instrument album was this.

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